10 pieces pack Olive Wood Rose Wood Honey Dipper Honey drizzles Spoon 16cm Long


. Pack of 10 pieces.
. Rose Wood Honey Dipper drizzles honey onto food or into your beverage without the sticky mess
. Made from fine Rose wood; lightweight yet strong; will not scratch surfaces
. Simply dip the grooved end into the honey, hold upright to eliminate drips, turn horizontally to release the honey
. Great for drizzling honey, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, melted chocolate, caramel, and more
. Hand wash only
. 16 CM long 
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Add some sweetness to your tea and favorite breakfast foods the right way. This traditionally designed Honey Dipper from Fourways Industries provides the most effective method of adding one of the oldest and best sweeteners on earth to food and drinks. Made of durable hardwood, this 16CM long or customized dipper features grooves on the bulb to hold and retain the honey to minimize dripping. To use, submerge the bulb into a honey pot or jar, pull out and slowly twist to keep honey secured, then stop twisting when you’re ready to drip! Much easier and results in less sticky mess than using a spoon. The honey dipper will fit in most honey pots that feature a built-in notch for holding, however check dimensions beforehand. Hand wash only. Drizzle just the right amount of honey on toast, muffins, tea, and more!


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